Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Rico Davis has persevered despite hard times.  Born and raised in Camden, New Jersey, Rico spent the first four years of his life homeless, until his mother was finally able to obtain employment and home for Rico and his sister. Rico’s source of escape was his love for dancing and singing, for which he was frequently bullied in school. It was not until Rico was accepted into Creative & Performance Arts High School that he received the community support and acceptance he deserved.  It was during his tenure as a member of their exclusive choir, that they won the esteemed International Days of Coro Competition in Italy, competing against choirs from 30 participating countries.


After graduating high school, Rico struck out on his own and moved to New York City to pursue a record deal. In between writing, vocal lessons and rehearsals, he took odd jobs, and ultimately spent many nights sleeping in stairwells, trains, and parks in order to stay afloat.  Along his journey, Rico’s passion for homelessness and social issues became stronger.

Rico encountered that many deals that crossed his path did not offer him the creative freedom he desired.  It was those experiences that influenced Rico to create Young America

You contribute to your world,

To your reality.

Every thought, belief, action.


No need to conform to the norm.

Define yourself as you choose.

Just contribute in some way.


What is your contribution?

“The Golden Ratio” is mine.


Entertainment, a multi-media company with the mission to provide music and content innovators with a platform for self-expression. 

In June 2018, Young America Entertainment released Rico Davis’ first single “Do U Wanna” from his EP appropriately titled The Golden Ratio: Volume One.  “I want to make a positive contribution through my music – Provide a soundtrack to people’s lives when they want to celebrate, fall in love, or 

when they need confirmation that they will get through hard times” says Rico.  Included on the EP, “Hustle Harder”,  a hard-hitting track about putting in the work when up against the odds, and “Sweet Melody”, a ballad about the unwavering loyalty of true love.


As a co-writer on all of his songs, Rico’s writing process stems from his highs and lows of being an outlier.  Having experienced extreme highs of happiness, and yearning for salvation in his lows, his songs take you through the ebb and flows of life’s emotional rollercoasters.


The Golden Ratio: Volume One, the manifestation of beliefs and aspirations is how Rico Davis successfully overcame his tumultuous past, and it is with the same perseverance he will achieve greatness in his musical career.



Young America Entertainment provides a platform to elevate music and content innovators.  Created by Rico Davis, Quis Vaughn and Dewey Bozella, the firm serves those of diverse cultural backgrounds and experiences that may not be defined by social norms.  In addition, it supports socially conscious issues, as well as music and arts programs for youth.


Quis Vaughn grew up in Bronx, NY, and was raised by a single mother in low-income housing while his father was in prison. Determined to keep her son out of trouble, she immersed Quis in the church choir and any church activities to fill his time.  It was in church that fellow parishioners connected him with opportunities for casting calls and auditions.  Quis found his calling within entertainment, appearing in The Preacher’s Wife (Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston), Nurse Jackie (Edie Falco), and He Got Game (Spike Lee, Denzel Washington).


Dewey Bozella, an amateur boxer wrongfully accused of a crime was incarcerated for 26 years before he was exonerated of the charges in 2009.  During the time spent behind bars trying to prove his innocence, Dewey found boxing gave him a sense of release and focus.  This discipline led to him becoming the light heavyweight champ of New York’s Sing Sing prison.  It was Dewey’s unyielding courage to overcome his circumstances that he was chosen as the recipient of the 2011 Arthur Ashe Award for Courage at the ESPYs.  The prestigious honor has also been bestowed to notable recipients such as Nelson Mandela, Robin Roberts, Howard Cosell, and Billy Jean King.  Later that year, he had his first – and last – professional fight at Staples Center LA, winning a four-round unanimous decision fight over Larry Hopkins.